BS testattu ja hyväksytty lasikaide -BS tested balustrades

Kiinnitysprofiilit on valmistettu englannissa (UK). Täyslasikaiteet on hyväksymistestattu Saksalaisten ja Brittiläisten standardien (BS) mukaisesti.

PKS – kortisto (pääkaupunkiseudun rakennusvalvontojen yhteiset tulkinnat):

” Rakentamismääräyksissä ei kaiderakenteelle ole suoraan esitetty siirtymärajatilan mitoitusarvoa, joten sovelletaan brittiläisen standardin BS 6180:1995 Barriers in and about buildings kohdan 6.4.1 (Barriers for the protection of people) ehtoa. ”


Snapshot from test report:

The tests undertaken were exclusively for a uniformly distributed horizontal load applied at a level as close as possible to a design level of 1100mm above the horizontal surface below or adjacent to the barrier.

In each case load was applied in increment appropriate to various requirements arising in British and German National Standards. Where of additional interest, the load necessary to cause a 25mm deflection was also measured.

In free-standing glass protective barriers subject to their full design load, applied at the design height for the panel, BS 6180:2011 (clauses 6.4.1 and 8.5.1) limits deflection of glass at any point on the panel to a maximum of 25mm

For each of the base configurations* examined and tested with a horizontal uniformly distributed load of up to 1.5kN/m, applied at a design level of 1100mm, there is a glazing type that will fulfil the BS performance requirement of a maximum deflection not exceeding 25mm.


*Installation from bottom and side, to concrete and steel